King James Bible ● PRO Customer Reviews:


Absolutely awesome.

It doesn't get any better than this...

Little hard to use notes would be great more than 1 book mark would be really helpful


As a church secretary I use this App all the time! It is hands down my favorite! Thank you!

Really need an area to take down note and should have a way to highlite certain section!!! Overall its a good app to have because u get the 1611 version also. I still its the best Bible app just needs to add feature sense we payed for it


Love this app...a must for any KJB/KJV lover. Love the look in both day & night reading modes and the easy control of font size and other visual aspects. Highly encourage the PRO version without $2.49 I ever spent. Only option missing for me is a share option but this minor given all the benefits...including both the regular KJV and the original 1611 with the older spelling. Highly recommend.

King James Version

Love the black background; makes it so easy to read.


Need to be able to open from last page

I love it. The King James Bible....Great

I use this app everyday it is easy to use, I like being able to set the bookmark and go back where I left off. I told alot of people about it and I down loaded it for my sister. I upgraded to pro. I love being able to personalize the settings. Hats off to you guys and thank you.

Excellent app

Great App

It has the complete books of the bible, It's excellent!


I love this Bible. I use it every day. How kind of them to put something like this together that is so useful, and brings such enjoyment. I love it!


Excellent but how are you going to rate the words from God. God Gets The glory Whether Whatever You think About The Works or what you think. Don't make mockery of God in no such way. Just be glad this person created it for you to have on your phone. Everything ain't made to be to your liking. Suck it up and deal with it. Amen.

I wish this was a red letter addition.

It's the bible.

A complete bible for 2 bucks... That's a good deal. And, it works. It's simple and needs no internet. Just what I need. Quick, simple and easy to use. It's KJV so it's a bit difficult to read. It does however give insight into the English language of the past. I use it as a comparative to other versions.

Very impressed

This is fantastic, I have a 1611 KJV and so far have only spotted 1 error on this app. In Acts 13:18,34 the word's "Ileg. Ileg" are there. These word's do not appear to be in the 1611 KJV or the KJV. Hope you don't think I'm picking fault, I've always been 1611 all the way. Thankyou

Very good bible. I use it for personal study. It is always with me.

Great way to carry God's Word word with you al the time.

Gerry good app



Good app but missing whole chapters

Good app but missing entire chapters like psalms chapter 70. Please read thru the app and fix. Thanks.

The KJV Bible

I use this app every day. I love it!

Very useful

Good as it is but can be better

It would merit a five star if it had a function to search for specific word or phrases within the text.


Thank you

Love this!

I can read this anytime, anywhere! Easier than holding a bible. Thank you!

Once Kinks...

The kinks worked out will make it a 10 star in my book...

God is good

Love this bible works great

True to the word

A digital replica of the 1611 King James Bible.

One of the best Bible apps

I love working Bible crosswords; now they too are available on Android so looking up the answers is only a Swype away. Really easy and helps Bible study immensely! Thanks

Wonderful app

I'm so glad I downloaded this app. It has God's word translated so it does not change the meaning of His word to us, I use this app almost daily. It gives us two versions to choose from but it also has the the apocrypha, ancient versions of the Old Testament. These books are not accepted by all religions and only a few by others. It is wonderful to be able to study these ancient Greek writtings. Our Lord and His apostles comfirmed by their authority the origanal Jewish canon, which is the same today.

My new Favorite App!!!!!

I love the original KJV 1611 with the Apocrypha! For the serious Bible student, this app is a must! Plus, I noticed the missing verses in 2nd Esdras chapter 1, contacted the developer, and he responded within the hour, updating the app immediately! Thanks Wolfgang! You made my Thanksgiving Day! I love your app & swift response in resolving issues! You're the best! 5 Stars***** & Highly Recommended!!!!! God bless!!!


This is the only Bible to have. It is the inspired word of God in our English language. Think about it out, when you copyright something you have to change its meaning. Therefore all other versions are crap. Don't get your panties in a wad its my opinion and a lot of others too. Love this app!


I am very pleased with this app


I love this Bible.

Latest updates

The latest update deleted my menu button, my ability to bookmark my page and my ability to change my settings. I'd like to change to a larger font as well but can't. I still give it five stars. I'm using a Nexus 7 tablet and it's worked great until now

The real deal!!!!!

Books and chapters to remember...

The holy one of isreal

For he is the prince of power


I will rate 5 stars for the option to copy and paste Bible text.

The greatest Book u could ever read

Just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This app is great. Have the Bible at my fingertips!! Great job!!


Love it!!!